about me 

Chase Brosamle is a young actor best described as mature and wise beyond his years. In his everyday life he is sporty, kind and sensitive. When is comes to acting his favorite is to play dark and moody. 

He began acting at 7 years old when he booked a supporting lead role in Heaven's Floor, a full length independent film playing the son of Clea DuVall. Since then, he has gone on to guest star in TV Shows (Modern Family and Criminal Minds), Co-star in TV (I'm Dying Up Here), short films (We Care, These Things Take Time), and national commercials (Dunkin Donuts).

Chase is represented by Coast to Coast Talent (across the board) and SR Talent Management.  

Age Range: 9-12 years old  |  Height: 4'10"  |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Light Brown  | Complexion: Light | Build: Thin - Athletic 


Heaven's Floor  |   Liam   |   Supporting Lead Actor

   Road to Nowhere Productions  |  Director: Lori Stoll

I'm Dying Up Here  |  S2 Ep1 Gone With the Wind  |  Marty  |  Showtime (Co-Star)     Director: Adam Davidson  |

Criminal Minds |  S13 Ep11 Full Tilt Boogie | Trevor Gaines (Co-Star)  |   CBS  |  Director: Simon Mirren

Modern Family  | S8 Ep5 Halloween 4: Revenge of Rod Skyhook  |

   Darth Vader/Clark (Guest Star)  | Twentieth Century Fox | Director: Chris Koch

We Care (Pilot Sample/Short Film) | Chase (Lead) |  Director: Frankie Shaw


Dunkin Donuts  (National) |   Soccer Kid  

Eargo  (Local/Internet) | Screaming Kid 



Privately Coached, dependent on type of role.      

 Special Skills 

Stunt Experience. Basketball, baseball, soccer, football, repelling

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